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Marketing Consultant, Business Development for Attorneys, Accountants, A&E

Marketing Consultant, Business Development for Attorneys, Accountants, A&EMarketing Consultant, Business Development for Attorneys, Accountants, A&E

Build a Better Firm with practices that maximize the trust and loyalty members feel both to the firm and to one another. Marketing consultant to legal, accounting, architecture and engineering.

What and why?

Business Development for Professional Service Firms Made Easy

Business development does not need to be hard or expensive. Based on 25 years of experience, I outline easy and inexpensive ways to improve firm marketing and business development. Talk with me today about how we can identify "missed opportunities" and get your business development and firm operations working to support growth. 

Build a Better Firm marketing consultants work primarily with legal, accounting, architecture and engineering firms.  We can also assist with recruiting and position definition in order to fully engage your resources.

Unique and Sensible Approach

Our service includes a review and consultation of your current marketing and business development efforts. A marketing consultant can review your existing budget or help you draft a brand new budget and plan. We provide a custom project plan with practical items you can start on to make business development easy. We also work with individuals to make sure their marketing and business development efforts are coordinated with other members of the firm to maximize ROI. 

Patricia O'Toole

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Patricia O'Toole 

Marketing and Business Development Consultant to Legal, Accounting, Architecture & Engineering

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